29 Oct 2020

It’s almost a wrap for 2020

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Can we say that 2020 has for sure has been a year to remember! NC 01/07 year is coming to an end. November 20 & 21 at Bob Martin Ag Center in Williamston is our final show. We have taken the regular Friday jackpot and made it a NBHA show/point side pot. Flyer is to the right under “Show Sheet”. Also do forget to take the poll on NC 07 facebook page for 2021 arena’s. Always safe travels and this to shall pass “2020”.

12 Aug 2020

The dust has cleared

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WOW! is all I can say for the NC State Finals one day show, and what a state finals it is to remember. Over 500 entries on Saturday and 250 Friday’s night district show. A BIG Thank You to all that came out to run, cheer on yours friends & family or if you volunteered in anyway. None of it goes unforeseen or unappreciated, every NBHA directors and staff Thank You. Congrats to all winners and non-winners, you all are still winners in someones book. Hold your head high and enjoy the ride.

3 Aug 2020


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Friday Night & Saturday Draw’s are here! Both draw’s, stalls/hook ups and show sheet with prices. Please make sure you check your district, your chose of to roll or not to roll and your’s & your’s horse name (on both draws). Any questions please PM Crystal P Batchelor. Stalls are still available. You can still entry at the show and it will be CASH only (I do not believe there is an atm on the facility grounds) so please make arrangements in advance. Please make note of the running order for Saturday. Thanks for all you do for NC NBHA Look forward to seeing everyone next weekend Fun Family Fellowship 😊💕

Stalls-Hookup Assigment Post Revised

Friday Night Draw
Click here to link to excel

Saturday Open 1

Saturday Open 2

Saturday Open 3

Saturday Open 4

Saturday Open 5

Saturday Senior 1

Saturday Senior 2

Saturday Youth 1

Saturday Youth 2

Saturday Youth 3

16 Jun 2020

2020 State Final

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On-line entry is no longer available. You may still entry on-site for Friday night and Saturday. If you entry Friday night there is no processing/late fee, but however the $45 processing/late fees does apply for Saturday. CASH ONLY CASH ONLY when you entry at the show. We still have stall available, but no hook ups currently. FULL DRESS CODE for Saturday! The weekend schedule is posted below. Saturday, we run YOUTH 1ST, then OPEN, then SENIOR. We will have a pee wee class you can sign up at the office. Exhibition times and how to pay is listed on the schedule. If you have questions please contact Crystal Hyman 252-903-9732 Thank you for all YOU do for NC NBHA, we look forward to seeing you Aug 7-8, 2020 Southeastern Ag Center Lumberton NC


28 Apr 2020

All is well!

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Hope everyone has been getting alone with your family that you have been stuck with for the past oh how many days now, social distancing when you are around friends, family or out shopping and most importantly taken care of yourself.  With this uncertain time in our life we can hold on to a little more hope and a little extra pray.

Our next couple of show for NC 01/07 (NC04) shows are suppose to take place May 16 at Whippoolwill Camp Ground and may 23 at Nylund Equestrian Cent in Fayetteville.  As of now we are still unsure if we will be able to have these shows are not.   I know everyone is ready to get back to barrel racing and some kinda of normalcy in life and I promise we will just as soon as Gov Roy Cooper allows us to.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email, facebook or phone.  I will do all I can to answer any questions.  Take care and hope to see everyone really soon.  Thank you for supporting NC NBHA in all you do.  I will post updates as soon as I know anything at all.  Stay safe and healthy.