20 Apr 2016

Points/Upcoming Shows/

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Results Hertford Full Results 4-19
Points Points 4-19
5/21 Show Sheet Rocky Mount West Edgecombe NC 07 & 01 5-21 Ry Mt
Next point show is 5/7-8 Williamston NC Barrel Classic, Don’t forget about State Finals 6/10-12
Members remember you must have helped out in 3 fundraisers to receive your awards at year end, contact me for questions.. We need some fundraise ideas! See you in Williamston

21 Mar 2016

Upcoming Show Sheets

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Hertford NC 07 4/16/2016 4-16 Hertford
Williamston NC 07/01/others 5/6-8 (7th & 8th points NC 07) North Carolina Barrel Classic 2016 pre entry without late fee, late fee per entry after 4/15/2016
NC State Finals 6/10-12 Williamston NC State Finals

15 Mar 2016

Results Williamton

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Points Points 3-15 Results Full Results 3-15… See you in Hertford 4/16

7 Mar 2016

Results Barnhill/Show Sheet Williamston

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Click here for points Points 3-5 posting Click here for results Full Results 3-5 Show Sheet

18 Feb 2016

Lumberton Updated

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Lumberton Results Full Results Points2-18 points
Remember our next show is March 5 at Barnhill Dairy Greenville NC This is an 01/07 show 3-5 Barnhill
Remember to pre entry for Williamston March 11 & 12 (see link below)
Check shows (to the right) for any updates
Contact me with any questions Crystal